Connect I.T. Solutions’ mission is to provide innovative and objective solutions that help our customers meet their needs of having a secure, high-performing, reliable and manageable network. In doing this, we design systems so that our clients’ investment will be preserved years down the line. We design, architect, build and supply systems that are future-proof and keep pace with the growth of your business. Large Vendor Selection Connect I.T. Solutions represents the best-in-class network and security products, which we represent due to their high quality, reliability, and technological forethought. We are not locked into any particular vendors, so we can remain objective and solutions-oriented when recommending solutions to our clients. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask. We constantly research the industry for solutions to our clients’ initiatives. Domain Experience Connect I.T. Solutions serves many different vertical markets including finance, aerospace, energy, retail, manufacturing, technology and healthcare. We understand the complexity of solutions required for PCI, SOX, HIPPA and other vertical compliance requirements. You need an expert when designing and maintaining complex infrastructures. With over 30 years of experience, we can shortcut your time to deployment by providing you with expert advice and solutions so you can focus on your core business. Global Reach With our partners, we’re capable of providing both local and global implementations as well as support services. With successful roll-outs in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, Connect I.T. Solutions has helped our customers with their global I.T. initiatives.