What is your COVID Policy?

As we continue to move forward with live events in 2022, FutureCon is committed to providing the best experience and keeping all attendees safe and secure with the best environment and conditions.

All venues we have selected in 2022 are regulated to follow local CDC and Government guidelines to ensure the safety of all attendees. Venues will vary from state to state according to local guidelines. All venues we have partnered with have implemented the following necessities being our venues are international venues with a global code of ethics that are non-negotiable:

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the events. Touchless hand sanitizer stations will be available at most venues.
  • We are requesting that the venues revise how food and beverage services will be executed to minimize exposure/risk.
  • All seating will be spaced with recommended distances as determined by venue management and local government.

Along with our recommendations to venue management, please know:

  • We have gone back to touchless check in.  We are currently not using devices to check-in.   Name badges will be displayed so we promote touchless check-in.
  • If masks are required in the city or venue where the event is taking place, it will be required by FutureCon If there isn’t a mask mandate citywide or at the venue, wearing a mask then becomes optional.
  • If you registered, with a paid for pass, and tested positive for COVID-19, we have an alternative option of attending virtually being all our events will be streamed.  We will fully refund your conference pass if you provide FutureCon with a positive Covid test.  We will comp you a virtual pass where you will be able to watch the event.

We highly encourage all participants attending in any capacity to be fully vaccinated.  Certain cities will require your vaccination proof.   Please have your vaccination card in those cities via phone or physical proof.

We are all excited to be back in person and we appreciate all our attendees to work together moving forward to being back in person for all our events.  We do recommend if you have any doubts of your health and wellness the day of the event to please contact the FutureCon team so we can switch your pass to a virtual option.


What is Agorify?

Agorify is a platform we use for our onsite app and badge scanning.

Everything you need to know about Agorify as a Sponsor