The Challenge: An Ever-Changing Cybersecurity Landscape Today’s cyber threats and attacks look much different than they did even a year ago. Some are new, some are versions of old designs to avoid detection. They’re stealthy – consisting of packets, playing with timing, hiding code, moving horizontally and vertically. Sometimes they go dormant. Sometimes they go beyond what was intended. Now, nothing’s off limits, and everything needs to be protected. The Reality: Empty Promises and No Sleep If you’re reading this, none of it is a surprise to you. It’s your reality. We’re willing to bet you’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights worrying about when – not if – your company will find itself on the receiving end of a devastating, reputation-damaging attack. And, you’ve probably also been overpromised by nearly every cybersecurity company out there. The Solution: Proactive, Anticipatory CyberSafety with CloudCover Here’s how CloudCover is different: Our AI-driven X-NDR/SOAR CyberSafety Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing security stack, complementing and supercharging your existing security threat detection enterprise solution. Think of us as an ever-evolving cover – just like our name suggests – that extends to the edge of your network, predicting, anticipating, and blocking threats in microseconds, at 99.9999999% accuracy. The Proof: Endorsed by the World’s Most Trusted Companies We have been tested and used by some of the world’s most exacting and data-rich organizations in the financial, education, government, media, and energy industries. Together, we’ll make #NoMoreHacking a reality.