Bourbon & Banter RSA Happy Hour

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant


Wednesday, May 8th | 7:15pm – 9:45pm PT

The Chieftain Irish Pub and Restaurant

FutureCon is thrilled to invite you to a relaxing evening of bourbon tasting and entertainment. Pops, the esteemed Chief Drinking Officer and creator of Bourbon and Banter, will be leading you through a selection of top-notch bourbons alongside Ken Foster, Bourbon enthusiast and Global Head of Architecture at Adient. You’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of bourbons and explore their distinct flavors through a blind tasting. Throughout the event, Pops and Ken will provide entertaining banter, insightful commentary, and valuable tips to enhance your tasting journey.

Be sure to add this event to your RSA after-party schedule!

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Pops is the Founder and Chief Drinking Officer (CDO) of DrinkCurious and Bourbon & Banter – a global top ten whiskey website. Pops’ passion for all things whiskey has made Bourbon & Banter the top destination for bourbon and whiskey lovers who value his honest and down-to-earth approach. With his belief in the power of sharing a drink with good friends and the importance of living a #DrinkCurious lifestyle, Pops has become sought-after spirits expert for corporate and private tastings and industry events. He has been featured in media publications such as American Whiskey Magazine,, and Thrillist. Whether you’re looking to host an event for ten people or 500, Pops’ entertaining and approachable style, industry knowledge, and passion for distilled spirits will make it unforgettable. an accomplished CISO with proven track record of implementing Cyber Security programs and strategy,

Roger Grimes headshot

Ken Foster is an accomplished CISO with proven track record of implementing Cyber Security programs and strategy, a US Navy Veteran with expertise in Information Risk, Governance, and IT enterprise operations and enterprise architecture in the public and private sectors. He is a transformational leader that excels at developing and implementing strategic, technical, and operational security/infrastructure architectures that are aligned with business goals and objectives using a risk based methodology. He established history of innovation, utilizing technology and processes effectively to minimize operational risk, cost, and increase operational efficiency to meet business goals by building a strategy that becomes a business differentiator.

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